Our Team
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Managing Director - James King

An accomplished, innovative Dual construction and development company Director with the ability to deliver mission-critical results. James is also an extremely motivated and passionate individual who strives to achieve the best possible Investment results using his Extensive knowledge of  both the Construction an Development fields along with his amazing ability to spot new market trends. 

C Chief Executive Officer - Jason Finn
        Jason is widely known as a predominant passionate leader in the Property Development and                  Construction arena. He's respectfully known as the go to man when it comes to development                   Design and construct advice. Jason also plays the very important and active role networking with          like minded Developers and Investors.
   Managing Director - John O'donovan
     John is also extremely knowledgeable in all areas of  Melbourne                                                        & Regional Victoria's,  Development and Construction Industries. Having been involved             with managing some of the biggest projects throughout the state he has picked up                     invaluable skills few have to ensure all projects are completed on time and under budget

Other Key People In Our Team
Aoffie Kelly - Contract Admin / accounts
Fiona Paine - Senior accountant 
YuYi - Project pricing, Feasibility and cost evaluations
Heath Penbrook - Project Management and marketing
Oday - Specialist Consultant in Drafting, Arcitecture and Town Planning / Building Permits